Space and Distance – The Flight of The Tumbling-Bee

Purple. A lovely scent. Very intense. I settle on her, she is so soft. Her color surrounds me. She surrounds me. I bow to her and let myself sink further and further onto her. I become a part of her. I always felt more alive there than at home. Happier. Every touch was a bathContinue reading “Space and Distance – The Flight of The Tumbling-Bee”

Social Media Sabotage- Alone.

You snooze the alarm three times before you manage to wake up. The blinds are drawn, so your room is pitch black and the only source of light is your phone. You cling to it with a strange familiarity. Unlock it with one swift movement. Instinctively your fingers click on social media apps. The firstContinue reading “Social Media Sabotage- Alone.”

Social Media Sabotage – Skinny

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorder, Self-harm. This fictional poem focuses on negative effects social media can have on ones self-perception. The poem is written out of the view of someone who has developed an eating disorder in response to the body standards presented on social media platforms. Author: Helen Waeder Copy Right belongs to: Helen WaederContinue reading “Social Media Sabotage – Skinny”

More or Less Genderless ‘Love’ Stories- Tracks

Act 1, Scene 1 A hadn’t slept through the night in a month. Something as simple as sleep, one of those natural reflexes humans are born with, like blinking and breathing, seemed completely impossible. However, at around two o’clock every night, and after a tremendous battle involving a marathon of “fall asleep” podcasts, meditation exercisesContinue reading “More or Less Genderless ‘Love’ Stories- Tracks”

More or Less Genderless ‘Love’ Stories- Walks

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was an enchanted forest. Locals claim the forest was so vast that everything from heaven and hell was said to be united within it. Beautiful copses of lush green trees jutted like teeth into the bright sky, surrounded by the most extraordinary diverse flora and faunaContinue reading “More or Less Genderless ‘Love’ Stories- Walks”