FLINTA* – Finding

You are among women+  Women+ who know their strength, their power  Power not all have discovered yet  You find yourself admiring them  You find you are them.

Space and Distance- A/part

I met her the summer before I went away. It was time for me to leave. To leave behind the city that had become the place where I lived, but never quite my home. The busy, dusty roads filled with tourists werenโ€™t as enchanting to me as they seemed to be for everybody else. IContinue reading “Space and Distance- A/part”

Social Media Sabotage- Alone.

You snooze the alarm three times before you manage to wake up. The blinds are drawn, so your room is pitch black and the only source of light is your phone. You cling to it with a strange familiarity. Unlock it with one swift movement. Instinctively your fingers click on social media apps. The firstContinue reading “Social Media Sabotage- Alone.”


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About Me

Hello, I am Helen. Welcome to my website. On here I will post series of fictional writing about different topics. My first series is called “More or Less Genderless ‘Love’ Stories” and will confront gender norms and heteronormativity. In the series I will not reveal the gender of one or both of the protagonists. My second series “Social Media Sabotage” reflects on negative side- effects that social media can have. I hope you like my writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to talk to me about my writing feel free to comment below the posts, to contact me via email:, or to direct message me over instagram: helens_archives

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